Nicole Hickman

Nicole Hickman
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Nicole’s story:

“We grew up an hour from each other, but it took me moving 5 hours away to Portland OR to finally get connected with the Holly Starr Music Ministry.

I had been working a job in radiology for OHSU hospital when I began to feel I was working in the wrong vocation. After seeing broken body after broken body, and becoming violently ill from stress, I started praying and asking God if He would have me pursue another vocation. Sure enough, a few weeks later, He gave me the confidence and assurance to give my two weeks notice and pursue a passion I had kept a part of my life ever since my youth: worship leading.

My home church in Yakima WA Westside offered me a part time position to help me cultivate my gifts and grow into a full time worship leader. I was once again healthy mentally and physically.

When it came to playing music as more of a full time professional venture, I figured those opportunities were gone since I moved away from the big time city of Portland. I was wrong. Just months after leaving a high paying job in the healthcare industry for a modest vocation in the church, I received an email that would, once again, change my life.

I was asked if i might have any interest auditioning to play drums for Christian Acoustic/Pop artist Holly Starr. Let’s just say I was very interested. I had no idea who she was, or even where she was from, but I loved playing the drums! As it turns out, she was a farmers daughter from Quincy WA just a little over an hour up the road from me. It also turns out of loved her style of music.

After a few month time trial audition, we come to find out the skills God had grown in me were many of the exact skills needed in the ministry.

Two years later, I’m touring the nation playing drums, guitar, and singing with one of the coolest and sweetest Christian artists out there!”

Nicole Hickman Set up

Heartbeat HB-CLC21 Classic Crash Cymbal
Heartbeat HB-CH15 Custom Hi-hat Cymbals
Heartbeat HB-ER22 Epic Ride Cymbal
Heartbeat HB-SC20 Studio Crash Cymbal
Heartbeat HB-SC19 Studio Crash Cymbal
Heartbeat HB-CLRL22 Classic Ride Cymbal