A peronsal note from Noel Walker, Heartbeat founder:

2020  is turning out to be quite a year. Worldwide, the COVID19 / Corona virus has struck with a vengance. Many people have become sick and many are dying. In April, it is still ramping up. I hope and pray that soon this will be behind us and we can get back to our normal lives. We are praying for those that are sick will recover, those that are healthy stay that way and a special blessing on all the health workers that are giving of themselves to help others.

For me personally, this year I turned 65. Seems like it was only a few years ago when I sat down at my first drum kit… a used and very beat up Pearl set with Pearl cymbals and hardware in 1969. My mom paid $50 for that set (I think she got ripped off…). My dream at 14 might have been to become a rock star, but soon into my drumming career I realized how much more I enjoyed the music business and industry. Over 50 years (yikes!) later, here I am… having fun with drums AND in the music business. Win, win!

For Heartbeat, 2020 is turning into another exciting year. It marks our tenth anniversary of our first Heartbeat name brand products… our cymbals. To celebrate, we are introducing a new ride cymbal which we hope you will love as much as we do. Here’s a sneak peak of the prototype:


But that’s not all! The Heartbeat brand continues to develop and expand. While originally cymbals, now it includes drum and cymbal bags, drum kits, drumsticks and hardware. 2020 saw the introduction of the first Heartbeat bass drum pedal and hi-hat stands, which compliment the cymbal and snare stands introduced prior.

Heartbeat Bass Drum Pedals                     Heartbeat Hi-hat Stands

And, on April 1, Heartbeat introduced it’s first metal snare drum series… the Vintage Brass Snare Drums! Starting with a 14″ diameter thin brass shell with a unique vintage finish, we add a Trick USA multi position snare throw off engraved with Heartbeat logo, very cool round lugs (20), two sizes (6.5″ deep and 8″ deep) with 25 or 42 snare wires, coated top head with Heartbeat logo, clear snare side bottom head, install die cast hoops AND throw in a set of triple flanged hoops into the box as well. Plus, we priced these snare drums below anything that is remotely comparable.

Vintage Brass Snare Drums

Our focus for the worship community since our start up 17 years ago was never based on Heartbeat exclusively being a cymbal company, even though many people around the world consider us as just that. I believe 2020 is the year that people will realize that Heartbeat is more than just a cymbal company! It is a company with a vision that focuses on supporting people. It was never just about selling stuff. I am looking forward to seeing where Heartbeat goes over the next few years and into the future.

If you are reading this most likely you have already purchased something from Heartbeat. Thank you for being part of the Heartbeat family. You are important to us! May God bless you and keep you healthy and safe throughout this year and into the future.


Noel Walker

Heartbeat founder and president