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Heartbeat Cymbals in Worship

Welcome to the world of Heartbeat Cymbals! Hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey these cymbals combine old world traditional cymbal manufacturing with a new “heartbeat”! Cymbals are made with the famous B20 combination of metals that have historically produced the best sounding cymbals on the planet. They produce a musicality that is not often heard in today’s more common mass produced machine made cymbals.

Designed for contemporary worship.

Heartbeat specializes in partnering with ministries around the world. Since 2003 our team has been working with churches and worship bands to equip them with not only great products, but the right product for the application, and at the best prices possible. All fifteen cymbal series are designed to work perfectly in worship services, whether you have fifty or fifty thousand in attendance. Lower volume, cleaner sound, reduced overtones and quick decay are some of the main features of Heartbeat cymbals.

Fifteen series… fifteen different sonic palettes.

Dark and buttery. Light and crispy. Dry and dirty. There are many words to describe the way a cymbal sounds. Not surprisingly, each ear can hear the cymbal in a different way. That’s why we post sound samples to help you compare the differences. In addition, Heartbeat staff and our artists/family members can assist you in selecting the right ones for your situation. Not sure where to start? Take a look and listen to the Heartbeat Classic series. Classic looks, classic manufacturing process, classic lathing and hammering, and classic sounds. Then, explore the other series which all are derivatives of classically made cymbals, with hammering, lathing and shaping to produce different sounds.

Heartbeat Percussion’s web site: www.heartbeatpercussion.com

Warranty information: Heartbeat Cymbal Warranty 2022