Epic Ride Cymbals

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Heartbeat Epic Ride Cymbals: Quiet, dark, warm and washy cymbals ideal for contemporary worship music.


Epic Ride Cymbals

Epic ride cymbals and the entire Epic series are fully lathed like the Heartbeat Classic series, but feature a smaller bell and special lathing and hammering. The rich, warm and natural sounds are ideal when a mellow sound is desired. The buttery, dark and washy sounds are not only perfect for today’s worship music, but also well suited for jazz and venues requiring a quieter sound.

Available in rides, crashes and hats, the Epic series has been known to reduce cymbal volume by 25% when compared to typical store bought machine made cymbals. Epic ride cymbals are warm and buttery sounding. Available in diameters from 19″ to 24″. Want something a bit jazzy? Listen to the Epic 21″ Ride with two rivets! Something unique? Take a listen to the 26″ prototype!

While some cymbals from other companies may look like Heartbeat cymbals, we work to ensure specific shaping, hammering, finishing, lathing and weight of each cymbal meets Heartbeat specifications. All Heartbeat cymbals carry a two year limited warranty.

For more information on Heartbeat cymbals, go to: www.heartbeatpercussion.com

Sound samples:

Epic Ride Cymbals:

19″ Epic Ride Cymbal: Approx 1715 Grams

20″ Epic Ride Cymbal: Approx 1845 Grams

21″ Epic Ride Cymbal: Approx 2100 Grams

21″ Epic Ride Cymbal with two rivets (sticks): Approx 2100 Grams

21″ Epic Ride Cymbal with two rivets (brushes): Approx 2110 Grams

22″ Epic Ride Cymbal: Approx 2395 Grams

24″ Epic Ride Cymbal: Approx 2980 Grams

26″ Epic Ride Cymbal Prototype: Approx 3245 grams


Shipping within Canada and the United States is free for orders $200.00 and over. There is a flat charge of $25.00 for all orders under $200.00. Shipping costs for international orders will be provided upon receipt of your order but prior to payment being completed. Any import duties and taxes applicable are the responsibility of the purchaser. (Cymbals to the USA are duty free)

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19, 20, 21, 21 Sizzle, 22, 24, 26

4 reviews for Epic Ride Cymbals

  1. thescottbowman

    When I began shopping Heartbeat cymbals, I thought I wanted to have one from every line (variety is the spice of life and all that). But everywhere I looked, Heartbeat artists were using the Epic line and now I know why. Along with the Epic 20″ crash, the Epic 24″ ride has become a quintessential part of my set-up. Ride it, crash it, the Epic 24″ does both. I don’t even feel like I need a second crash. Though I will definitely buy one, and it will definitely be Heartbeat.

  2. Jacob Safford

    If butter could be put into a cymbal this would be it. So washy and clean, not overpowering though. My advice would be to get this cymbal if your looking for all wash it washes out very quickly but if you wanted a ride that was washy and had more stick definition then the epic, I would get the classic.

  3. Greg Adams

    Bought the 26”. Beautiful sounding ride. Dark, Warm and whole sounding. Thin enough to crash on. Love building with it and playing full out chorus grooves with it. Blends well in a mix.

  4. Moises Diaz

    Completely blown away by the quality of this ride!!! Do yourself a favor and get one. The the quality of sound in this ride is top notch and I recommend it 100%. This ride leaves room for you to crash it while also providing you with a lot of stick definition. Great product!!!!

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