Worship time

What is Heartbeat?

Heartbeat Worship is part of the Heartbeat family which includes Heartbeat Distributors and Heartbeat Percussion. Established in 2003, Heartbeat has made available a number of boutique products to the market place. It distributes them from its office and warehouse in Surrey, B.C., Canada.

  • Heartbeat Distributors is the exclusive Canadian distributor for musical instrument and pro audio products that are available to retailers, educational institutions, studios, installation companies and direct to the public.
  • Heartbeat Percussion www.heartbeatpercussion.com is the brand name for Heartbeat’s own products (drums, cymbals, hardware, drum sticks, and cases) which it distributes all over the world on a direct basis.
  • Heartbeat Worship www.heartbeatworship.com is the ministry focus of Heartbeat, reaching out with education, resources, products and support for churches, ministries, non-profit organizations and all those involved in contemporary worship music.

Our Vision:

It started back in 2003. To provide a place where the Church could go to get education, resources and gear directly from a company that understood their needs. One that could provide the right products at the best prices possible. We all know that ministries are non-profit organizations that rely on donations and volunteers. Why not provide a place where one could get support from others who were doing exactly what they were doing? In this world we need mentors and like-minded people who will help us on our journeys. Heartbeat has a vision of ministry-focused people in the worship community coming together.  We want to share experiences and help each other as we set out to accomplish what we are called to do.

Our Mission:

What is Heartbeat Worship’s role?

Simple: Heartbeat aims to be armor bearers (1 Samuel 14) to the Church, pastors and mentors to our artists and customers, and Jesus to the world.

  • As armor bearers we will support those who are impacting the world and help equip them to do it using our knowledge, resources and gear.
  • As pastors and mentors we will encourage, support and assist our customers. We will always put relationships first.
  • As Jesus did, we will build Kingdom relationships with those outside of the Church. The gear, knowledge, resources that Heartbeat has are the tools that we will use for building.