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Heartbeat Worship Artist Family is all about our artists that are located over the world. It is part of our mission to be armor bearers (1 Samuel 14) to the Church. It is also part of our mission to be pastors and mentors to our artists. Here you will find many of the folks that we partner with.

We are here to help our partners on their journeys to accomplish what their calling and mission is. We do that with gear, great pricing, service, and perhaps above all of those… we build relationship. We love to be an encouragement and a support to every one of our artists’ team. Their part of the partnership with Heartbeat is to pay for what they purchase and to spread the word around about who Heartbeat is and what we do. Simple! We help each other in our life journeys. We are a family!

Heartbeat Worship artists are individuals who: own and play a full set of Heartbeat cymbals (ride, crashes, hats, etc.) or own and play a set of Heartbeat drums; and play regularly in a worship band or church using their Heartbeat products.

If you have purchased a set of Heartbeat cymbals (ride, hats and at least one crash) or a set of Heartbeat drums, then we invite you to join our global family on the map and with a page on our site featuring your photo, link to website, brief biography and a list of the Heartbeat products that you use. We reserve the right to approve, edit, remove or reject all submissions to the Heartbeat Worship web site.

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