2022: New drums, new hardware!

Launching new products at Heartbeat is always an exciting time! Here we are again, with new drum kits, new hardware, and even another cymbal product. Let's start off with the big news: We are pleasesd to introduce our newly designed drum sets! [...]

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Not Just a Cymbal Company!

While many folks consider Heartbeat Percussion as a cymbal company, that was never the company's intent. Right from the start Heartbeat Distributors was established to distribute drum sets, snare drums, drum hardware, percussion, accessories, AND cymbals! Over the years Heartbeat expanded to include microphones, [...]

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Heartbeat drumstick line expanded

September, 2019: Heartbeat drumstick line expanded! While Heartbeat is primarily known for its cymbals, we continue to introduce new products in the Heartbeat brand name family. Drums, drum and cymbal bags, hardware, and now our expanded line of sticks. "It has always been our [...]

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Low Volume Practice Cymbals

July, 2019: Introducing the new Praxis cymbal series from Heartbeat Percussion! The Praxis series is a totally different cymbal design from Heartbeat's other cymbals in a number of ways: Stainless steel construction, not bronze Machine made, not hand crafted Made in Asia, not Turkey [...]

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