Drum Sets

Drum sets have only became a common site in churches over the past fifty years. Once upon a time it was¬†exclusively a¬†pipe organ, electric organ or a piano. With today’s contemporary worship music, drums are now a mainstay in most churches. Heartbeat has been supplying drum sets to churches and ministries since 2003.

There are many factors that affect the price of a set, including what the shells are made from, how the shells are finished, the sizes of the shells, the hardware used on the drums, the quality of the accessory stands and pedals, drum heads (skins), where the products are made… the list goes on! At Heartbeat, we offer a number of different sets that suit different needs and different budgets.

We would be happy to help you in selecting the right drum set for your needs. Please contact us either by email info@heartbeatworship.com or phone us toll free in North America at 866 988-1277.