Wishbone Amp Hook: (Review originally posted on Worship Music Gear)

Amp HookThe Wishbone Amp Hook from Wishbone Workshop is a compact microphone placement system to precisely mic your cab both quickly and easily while ensuring a clutter-free environment.

The common issues dealing with mic abuse, stage clutter, inconvenience, time and space consumption, have been carefully addressed with the design of The Hook.

It is a mic stand that doesn’t stand at all.  It simply slides either under your amp cab, between your amp and cab, between 2 cabs or under your amp handle.  With one turn of the Twist Grip Adapter, your mic is securely placed exactly where you want it in seconds.

When the Wishbone Workshop team first began this journey to design the ultimate mic stand for combo amps and amp stacks, they wanted to develop a product that was free of all the inherent issues found in more traditional mic stands while at the same time feature durability, ease of use and flexibility all in one.

The Wishbone design team has carefully developed a single mic stand that has been tailored to save you time, Amp Hook 01eliminate stage clutter, protect your mic from damage, provide precise mic placement and enable compact storage.  At only 4 1/2”W x 11”L x 1”H and a mere 10oz, you can pack The Hook anywhere you want it. Each Hook has been designed and hand crafted at their shop in central California.

Wishbones are hand crafted in the USA and are compact, durable, and fully adjust in seconds with one turn of the Twist Grip Adjuster.

What’s in the box: 1 Wishbone; 1 free V-Pick; 2 Supplemental Foam Adapters.

What are people saying?

Amp Hook 03“The Hook is extremely easy to use and carry. I really like it because it stores in the back of the amp when I’m not using it. I can actually leave the microphone attached to the Hook. To set up, I just pull it out from the back of the amp, slide the Hook under the amp handle, and… “Bob’s your uncle!” There is no microphone “creep” which often happens through a gig. The microphone slowly lowers. With the Hook, because it hangs from above, creeping is eliminated! The mic stays put, exactly where I want it.

Anybody who gigs and wants consistency with their sound and set up and not worry about using back line mic stands… the Hook is a must!”

Jay Duncan, guitar luthier, guitar player and director of Duncan Africa Guitars http://www.duncanafrica.com/