Custom Rock Cymbals series is a marriage of two popular Heartbeat cymbal series… the Custom and the Rock. These cymbals feature the brilliantly lathed finish of the Rock (and the edges of the Custom) with the raw and unlathed bell of the Custom. Fitting perfectly between in weight and sound, the Custom Rock series produces a more controlled sound than the Rock but with a quicker decay.

Available in rides, crashes, hats and splashes, the Custom Rock series provides a blend of the Heartbeat dark, thin and quiet standards with some brighter and stronger projection qualities. Still not a loud or explosive as many machine made cymbals are, this series takes Heartbeats up just one notch on the dial. Ideal for gospel music, or where you need a bit more projection.

Heartbeat has replaced the Custom Rock and the Rock series with two series: The Armor and Armor Brilliant. All remaining inventory is at special clearance pricing.