Classic Cymbals

Classic cymbals from Heartbeat bring back the sound of original Turkish made cymbals. In a day like today when most cymbals made are pumped out by machines, the Classic series exemplifies the craftsmanship of yesterday, but with a sound for today! The concept of these fully lathed cymbals has been proven over and over again through the years. From early jazz drummers and to the latest musical trends, the name Classic says it all!

Hand crafted in Turkey to Heartbeat’s specifications, the Classic series features a full range of rides, crashes, hats, splashes, Chinas and effects. If you like the sound of the hand made cymbals from the ’50s and ’60s, then the Classic series might just be the cymbals for you.

Ride are available in 20″ to 24″ diameters, in light and medium weights. Crashes range from 14″ to 21″ and many are available in either medium thin or thin. Hi-hats include both light and medium weights, with sizes ranging from 13″ to 17″. Specialty cymbals include Flat rides for an ultra dry sound and hi-hats with a flat bottom and vented holes for a quick “chick”. Effects include special thin Trash crashes, Chinas, splashes and bells.