Vintage Brass Snare Drums

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Limited Edition Heartbeat 14″ diameter Vintage Brass Snare Drums available in 6.5″ and 8″ depths.


Vintage Brass Snare Drums Limited Edition from Heartbeat Percussion: Amazing looks, sound, features… and price. As the first custom snare drums from Heartbeat, we wanted them to be special. And, these are very special!


  • 1 mm brass shell
  • 14″ diameter by 8″ or 6.5″ depth
  • Trick USA multi position snare throw off with HB logo engraving
  • 42 snare wires on 8″ and 25 snare wires on 6.5″
  • Coated single ply HB logo batter head, clear snare side head
  • 20 lug design
  • Die Cast hoops installed AND a set of triple flanged hoops in the box to give you a choice of sounds.

Our wish list for designing this snare drum was pretty simple: We wanted a thin brass shell that looked cool. Of course we were going to add the multi position Trick throw off like we have used on our Heartbeat drum kits. Many of our customers are liking the deeper fatter sound of an 8″ shell, so that was a go, in addition to a great versatile 6.5″  depth. It was only natural that we added wider snares to both drums. Then, while we were deciding on whether to go for triple flanged or die cast hoops, we thought…. why doesn’t anyone include both with a high end snare drum? Well, now someone does!

And then there was the price. We see a lot of brass snare drums for sale  in the $700 – $1,000 USD range. Most have triple flanged hoops and a standard generic type of snare throw off, both of which are inexpensive to produce. Many have 10 lugs and utilize longer tension rods (also a cost savings). And, many have standard 20 strand snares. Now, add to those drums a really great multi-position snare throw off. Double up the lugs. Increase the snares to 25 (6.5″) and 42 (8″). Then, add in die cast hoops as well as the triple flanged hoops. What do you get? a feature rich limited production Heartbeat Vintage Brass Snare Drum. Did we forget to mention the price? Instead of bumping up the prices with the additional features, we lowered them! Heartbeat has always aimed to deliver high end products, amazing service and support and great pricing. Welcome the Heartbeat Vintage Brass snare drums.

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14" x 6.5", 14" x 8"

2 reviews for Vintage Brass Snare Drums

  1. Max

    This snare drum (VBS1480) is truly amazing! From the competitive pricing, to the pure tone of the drum, you can’t beat it! After playing with the 8 inch for a bit, I found it if very versatile. With the right skin, I was able to get the “Bethel” snare sound just by tuning. No expensive dampeners. I was also able to get a beautiful, bright, cracky snare drum by tuning it up. I would recommend this snare to anyone from worship to rock. It’s a great snare for everyone! 10/10.

  2. James Reeks

    Vintage Brass Snare 14″x8″

    I’ve been drumming for around 18 years. My 14″x6.5″ Maple pearl snare drum is what I’ve always had. It’s a great snare drum, but I was looking for something different to add to my arsenal. Worship drumming and the fanatic behind that “Bethel” sound is what drew me to desiring a brass snare drum. Here’s what must be known, that “Bethel” snare drum sound has some to do with the drum, but a lot more to do with the sound engineering. There’s not a cooler sound than that fat crack on Bethel’s song Goodness of God. So, how does this drum compare to that specific sound? It is absolutely incredible! The depth is felt and heard. The 42 strand wire’s intence response is truly something to behold for those looking for that type of sound. It is unique and must be sought out. I’ve never owned something so beautiful and am grateful. I pray this helps anyone who is curious. My next purchase will be the Epic cymbals set. I love what this company stands for. Thank you, Heartbeat!!!


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