Kahuna Bubinga Drum Sets

1,495.00 USD

Peace Kahuna Bubinga 5 piece shell packs feature 9 ply Bubinga shells, lacquer stain finishes, Remo USA batter head packages.

Additoinal individual drums * 

Add an extra tom tom, floor tom or bass drum to your set up!


Kahuna Bubinga Drum Sets

Kahuna Bubinga Drum Sets from Peace are professional level kits at mid level pricing. Utilizing 9 ply African Bubinga shells with low mass, low profile classic tube lugs and crescent mounts, the warmth of the Bubinga shells feature a beautiful wide frequency response. These drums have stained lacquer finishes that allow the beautiful woodgrain to show through. Hoops and lugs are chrome finish. Shell packs only. Cymbals and hardware not included but are available at additional cost.

Standard shell pack (5 piece) features:

  • Bass drum: 22″ diameter by 18″ deep (no tom mount)
  • Tom toms: 10″ diameter by 8″ deep and 12″ diameter by 9″ deep
  • Floor tom: 16″ diameter by 14″ deep
  • Snare drum: 14″ diameter by 5.5″ deep
  • Remo USA batter head pack
  • Classic tube lugs
  • Crescent mounts for tom toms


Finishes Available:

  • Gothic Red fade lacquer stain
  • Nut Brown lacquer stain

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