Heavy Duty Microphone Boom Stand

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Heavy duty microphone boom stands from Superlux is ideal for large condensor microphones especially when used overhead for live or recording.

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Heavy Duty Microphone Boom Stand from Superlux is fondly known as “Big Foot Willie.” Why Bigfoot Willie? Well, since Willie is the guy who designed and built this Bigfoot stand, why not name it after him? This Bigfoot stand is the answer for those people who want to use a large condenser microphone to reach that sweet spot ,but find that weight and length of these mics can easily tip over an ordinary stand. Now, simply unscrewing a few turns on the foot you need to extend will provide the right support , making the Bigfoot Willie the perfect way to achieve that desired microphone placement.


  • Height: 128-215 cm (4.19′-7.05′)
  • Boom length: 120 cm (3.93′)
  • Weight: 5.9 kg (13 lbs)
  • Material: Iron
  • Base: Zinc-alloy die-cast

All 3 legs extend from 36 to 60 cm (14.3 to 23.6″), give a “big foot (print)” for a real helping hand where extra stability is required. Especially designed for large condenser microphones, overheads in drum sets or live recordings.


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