Gruv Gear Duo Strap Neoprene Guitar Strap

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A comfortable, ergonomically designed affordable bass and guitar strap.

Optional accessories

Add a tension strap or extra long length extender. Note: The strap is for single-cut basses & amp; guitars with standard strap pins. (Note: A strap lock system may be required to accommodate the thickness of 2 straps)


Gruv Gear Duo Strap Neoprene Guitar Strap

This is what you’ve been waiting for: The Gruv Gear Duo Strap Neoprene Guitar Strap is the answer to the search for the most comfortable, ergonomically-correct, AND affordable guitar and bass strap. Endorsed by professionals including Dr. Randall Kertz, renowned chiropractor and physician, the DuoStrap’s patent-pending balanced weight distribution offers unmatched comfort like its Signature counterpart, thoughtfully constructed with synthetic materials! Significantly reduces shoulder pain and strain while keeping a natural and comfortable playing position.

The DuoStrap Neo comes in all-black 3.25″ wide soft-rolled neoprene, with lengths adjustable from 33″ to 44″ and an extra-long option that brings the total usable length to 51″.

Key Benefits:

  • Minimize shoulder and back pain by distributing the weight of your instrument.
  • Maintain proper playing posture to help lessen hand and wrist injury.
  • Contour-forming elastic neoprene on shoulders for ultimate comfort without the excessive bounce found on other neoprene straps.
  • Unique length adjustments using durable metal hardware.
  • Stylish back cover finished with branded metal rivets.
  • Works great for double-cut basses and guitars, with optional adapter to work with single-cuts.
  • Equally effective for left- and right-handed players.

Optional Accessories:

  • TENSION STRAP (Faux leather) for single-cut basses & guitars with standard strap pins. (Note: A strap lock system may be required to accommodate the thickness of 2 straps):
  • EXTRA-LONG OPTION adds 6.5″ to tail strap length.

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DuoStrap Guitar Strap, Accessory: Add-on Tension Strap, Accessory: Extra Long Option


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