Bass drum pedals by Peace are available in a variety of models and all are priced to sell. Here is a great opportunity to pick up an affordable pedal for church or home. Here’s our call on the different pedals:

P-5910: These pedals are standard with Peace student level drum kits. Better than beginner, but we would not recommend these for church services. But, ideal for a back up kick, home, practice, or replacing a pedal that came with an entry level starter kit.

P-7910: A notch up from the P-5910 pedal, these are standard with the mid range Peace kits. Again, for the small difference to go up to the next level, we recommend these for home, practice or replacing an entry level pedal.

P-28970: Standard with Peace’s maple kits and in heavier duty hardware packages, we have sold many of these kicks over the past ten years, and they continue to be included in many of today’s Peace drum sets that come with hardware packages. Good all round and still inexpensive bass drum pedal.

P-28970DC: want something a bit stronger? Add another chain to the P-28970 and you have this best selling model.

P-28950DC and DCL: Take the P-28970DC and double it! A great double kick at a great price, available in right or left handed set ups.

P-38970DC: Take the P-28970DC and beef it up. Stronger construction, heavy duty foot board with unique design.

P-38950DC and DCL: Turns the P-38970DC into a double kick.