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    The Jazz series was introduced late in 2016 with a 22″ Ride as being the only cymbal in this series. But, quickly a 24″ Ride was added at the start of December. The 22″ ride has a very interesting history for Heartbeat. I started a project over ten years before to reproduce a specific ride cymbal that was used by Tony Williams with Miles Davis on the famous Nefertiti album of the 1960s. What also made this special for me was that I had the opportunity to meet and hear Tony play live in 1969. With the aid of a couple of drummers and the factory that Heartbeat was working with at the time, we were able to produce some beautiful sounding and looking 22″ rides that achieved our goal.

    With the start of Heartbeat cymbal production in 2010, that special cymbal project from years ago was still in my mind. Working with our new manufacturer, Chad Bjorgan and I initiated the project again in 2014. With various prototypes made and adjustments to bell sizem cymbal profile, hammering and lathing, we finally settled on the current Jazz series 22″ ride. While not exactly the same as Tony’s old 60s ride, these new rides have a distinct “Heartbeat” touch to an old classic.

    If you play one of the Jazz series or have any questions, we want to hear from you!

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