While many folks consider Heartbeat Percussion as a cymbal company, that was never the company’s intent. Right from the start Heartbeat Distributors was established to distribute drum sets, snare drums, drum hardware, percussion, accessories, AND cymbals! Over the years Heartbeat expanded to include microphones, headphones, bags, guitar accessories, cables, clamps, carts and drum sticks. Heartbeat has also partnered with other companies like Duncan Africa Guitars and Basal Storage and Organizational Products to aid in their product awareness and distribution.

It was always the vision for Heartbeat Percussion to offer high quality functional products at reasonable prices. We believe in “putting the cookie jar on the lower shelf” so that everyone can reach the goodies, rather than putting it on the top shelf so that only certain people can obtain them.  And for Heartbeat Worship, we wanted to partner directly with non profits, churches, ministries, etc. not just to sell direct, but to enable us and our customers to build relationships with each other. We want to help our guys get the products that they need to do what they do best. It really isn’t complicated (well, at least, not to us).

We have seen a demand for high quality snare drums for our customers. It was only natural that we should see what we can do to meet that demand. We research carefully the specifications that folks need, what they are buying, and how much they are paying for it. Then, we look to our suppliers and see if we can come up with something equal or better and at a lower price. Again, it isn’t rocket science here!

So, here we go: Introducing the Heartbeat Vintage Brass Snare Drums! Two popular sizes, loaded with features and at a reasonable price. Let’s get those snare drums on the lower shelf so more folks can reach them!

  • 8″ deep snares provide a deep fat sound while 6.5″ deep snares provide a great versitility for many music genres.
  • thin brass shells provide great resonance
  • wide snare beds give extra sizzle
  • 3 position Trick USA snare throw offs are our favorite throw offs…. period!
  • Die cast hoops for controlled sound.
  • AND, triple flanged hoops are included in the box to give you a choice. You can even mix and match!


Prices of $1,000.00 or more are not unusual for snare drums like these, but that’s not the Heartbeat way! $579.00 USD is the cost for the 6.5″ and $599.99 USD for the 8″. That includes shipping within North America. For more information, or to order, click here: Heartbeat Vintage Brass Snare Drums