July, 2019: Introducing the new Praxis cymbal series from Heartbeat Percussion!

The Praxis series is a totally different cymbal design from Heartbeat’s other cymbals in a number of ways:

  1. Stainless steel construction, not bronze
  2. Machine made, not hand crafted
  3. Made in Asia, not Turkey
  4. Designed for practice, not performance
  5. Much lower in price
  6. Features the new “HB” Heartbeat logo

What is Praxis? Merriam-Webster defines it as: “ACTION, PRACTICE: such as: exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill, customary practice or conduct; practical application of a theory. It originiates from medieval Latin, from Greek, doing, action, from prassein to do, practice.”

While other cymbal manufacturers offer “low volume” cymbals that are similar to the Praxis series, Heartbeat emphasizes the fact that these cymbals are in fact designed for practice; and that the practice environment (home, small spaces, etc.) usually demands quieter cymbals. Unfortunately, customers may end up purchasing cymbals like these from other brands to achieve a lower volume cymbal than some of the louder cymbals available in most music stores. Heartbeat is known for producing cymbals that have lower pitches, less overtones, darker and more mellow tones than many of the popular current machine made cymbals. Praxis cymbals are not designed for performance, even though in certain circumstances, their tone might be desirable as are many of our hand crafted specialty effects cymbals.

If you are in need of lower volume cymbals for your venue or gig, then please consider some of our bronze cymbals. Sound files are available on the web site, and our staff would be happy to assist you in the selection process.

The Praxis cymbal set provides the feel of playing real cymbals without the volume or the price. Included in the set is: 20″ Ride, 18″ and 18″ crashes and 14″ hi-hats. To order, click on this link: Heartbeat Praxis Cymbal Set