September, 2019: Heartbeat drumstick line expanded!

While Heartbeat is primarily known for its cymbals, we continue to introduce new products in the Heartbeat brand name family. Drums, drum and cymbal bags, hardware, and now our expanded line of sticks.

“It has always been our focus on making high quality products available to our customers with a high level or service and support, and at a great price,” says Noel Walker, Heartbeat founder. “By adding more sizes, different tips and different woods, we follow the formula that has worked so well for us with our cymbals.” Heartbeat started with four series of cymbals in 2010 and has expanded to 14 series in 2019.

“The needs of our customers change, and we want to support them,” Walker stated. “Being a small production company, it is easier for us to make these changes than it is the big mass production companies. Plus, we listen closely to what our guys tell us.”

The first run of the new sticks include the popular 5A size in hickory, maple and oak with a choice of teardrop, acorn or barrel tips; 5AL (longer 5As) in hickory and maple with the three different tips; 5B size in hickory and maple and the three tips; 7A in hickory and maple with teardrop and acorn tips; and 8A in hickory and maple with barrel tips.

The part numbers are easy. HB-5AOT refers to Heartbeat 5A size, oak wood, teardrop tip.

Here are the sizes:




As is always, Heartbeat’s plan of action is that we will adjust future production specifications and quantities based on the feedback from our customers. Heartbeat sticks are available in individual pairs or packs of 12 pairs.

Heartbeat 12 Pack Drumsticks