Launching new products at Heartbeat is always an exciting time! Here we are again, with new drum kits, new hardware, and even another cymbal product. Let’s start off with the big news:

We are pleasesd to introduce our newly designed drum sets! Available in three different combinations and in two distinctly different finishes, we put 20 years of Heartbeat history together to come up with these kits! Shells are 6 ply maple. Finish is either walnut stain or 3D Water drop White wrap.

  • 5 piece shell pack with 20″ kick, 10″ and 12″ mounted toms, 14″ floor tom and 14″ snare.
  • 4 piece shell pack with 22″ kick, 12″ tom, 16″ floor tom and 14″ snare.
  • 4 piece shell pack with 24″ kick, 12″ tom, 16″ and 18″ floor toms, no snare.

Bass drums are all 14″ deep. Snare drums have die cast hoops. Toms have triple flanged hoops. And what better to go with some new kits… than some new hardware! Here is the new HB double kick and cymbal stand. The double bass drum pedal has the same features as our single pedal. The cymbal stand is convertible to either a boom or a straight stand.

Heartbeat Double Bass Drum PedalHeartbeat B800 Cymbal Stand

And finally, here’s our new three legged medium duty throne (to compliment our existing 4 legged heavy duty throne) and our new Smak Stack three cymbal stack combo.

Heartbeat T700 ThroneSmak Stack 2

We introduced the Smak Stack in May of this year. We listen to our drummers and they wanted an acoustic version of a sampled clap, so here it is! Although not an original concept, as always we add a special Heartbeat touch (as we do to all our products). We take three very thin, very warped cymbals without bells and nest them together for a unique sound. Sizes are 12″, 14″ and 16″.


So that’s it for now. More to follow!