Be your own voice. We are drummers, we are musicians, we are creatives. We are the church, we are worship leaders, we are kingdom bearers. We are one body yet many parts. We are one choir but many voices. However, in the growing church culture of today it has become popular to turn towards larger churches that are excelling in their forms of worship, evangelism, discipleship, etc and elevate their sound into the position of becoming, “The Sound” and their voices into “The Voice”.

While it is wonderful to appreciate, learn from, and even model ourselves after “successful” churches, the danger becomes that we will lose our own voices while trying to imitate ourselves after one particular voice and forget that beauty of the choir is in the many voices singing different keys and choruses to the same song.

We at Heartbeat want to encourage our drummers and our musicians to remain true to their own unique voice and to create rhymes and songs that express who God called them to uniquely be. We love to see churches based in Latino communities integrating salsa and rumba flavors into a Latin percussion style of worship. We celebrate when we hear jamming island music swaying out of Jamaican beach outreaches. We love to rock it to the tunes of punk rock bands that are blazing new paths in church history as mohawked drummers lead worshippers towards God’s love through their distinguished loud and rowdy rhythms that move crowds of dancers into encounters with a God who delights in the many voices of His children.

Many times we get calls from our customers who want what that “one” band or “one” artist is using. However, we want to continue to encourage you to beat your drum to your own rhythm and be your own voice. It is for this reason we will not just immediately sell you what someone else is using. We first like to talk with you, pray with you, and get to know what your “sound” is. It is when we have an understanding of your unique calling, voice and set up that we can advise you appropriately on what cymbals work best for your space and your ministry. As we all continue to sing one song, the song of God’s love and kingdom come, we will always encourage you to be your own voice because Heaven’s choir will not be complete until you do.

Chad Bjorgan
Heartbeat Percussion